Design / Animation | 2022

My role as a 3D animator for this project was to create the CG product shots. Working hand-in-hand with the 3D Lead, I was tasked with animating a series of product shots, carefully designed to flow seamlessly from one frame to the next.

Each of the models had to be manually rigged and readied for animation. This set the foundation for everything that followed.

Color and material were vital, too. Together, we worked on a workflow that made color changes a breeze, but without losing the authentic material feel of the final product. It was all about showcasing Ray-Ban's iconic style, in every shade, while keeping that signature Ray-Ban look intact.


As client feedback rolled in and the 3D models needed minor adjustments, we used a process that let us update the models quickly and efficiently, all without having to redo any of the painstaking animations.

All in all, this role was a blend of art and precision, of bringing Ray-Ban products to life in a way that felt both real and captivating, while always staying nimble and ready for the next round of refinements.

Created at BUCK.



Mohammed Elberkawi


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